PEARLS Rwanda and Agati Library Present: Children’s Art and Literature Day.

Promoting Peace and Cooperation Amongst Children, through the Arts.

Today, PEARLS Rwanda and the Agati Library partnered to sponsor an event that promotes cooperation and peace amongst children by helping them to express themselves through the arts. It also has helped the children to discover natural talents. The children are very excited and our hope is that this will inspire other events and let the world know that Rwandan children love art and literature as much as anyone else. Unfortunately, it is a lot harder for the children in Rwanda to gain access to art supplies than an American child. How can we help them to have more art supplies? We can’t send paint over there, due to customs, but most other things are fine. The box in the photo below will cost around $100 to send to Rwanda. It is filled with art supplies and educational toys. Please contact if you can help with the cost. With your help, “Swann” will be able to ship the toys. Through Damien Nkubana’s hard work as the CEO and Founder of PEARLS Rwanda, more events will happen to help promote peace amongst children.

As part of sponsoring this event, PEARLS Rwanda has provided meat and eggs from it’s farm to feed the children. What is better than a good meal, with a side of peace, and art for dessert?

Art Supplies for Two Rwandan children
Manzi and Pamela
Chicken and eggs have been provided by the PEARS Rwanda Farm.
Children’s Art Gallery

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