PEARLS Rwanda and Agati Library Present: Children’s Art and Literature Day.

Today, PEARLS Rwanda and the Agati Library partnered to sponsor an event that promotes cooperation and peace amongst children by helping them to express themselves through the arts. It also has helped the children to discover natural talents. The children are very excited and our hope is that this will inspire other events and letContinue reading “PEARLS Rwanda and Agati Library Present: Children’s Art and Literature Day.”

Peacebuilding through Sports

Damien, PEARLS Rwanda Founder, organized a football match between the female students at the school and girls from the community. He distributed to sweets to the participants. It has been a day of harmony between the students and surrounding community. Damien says “There are great values to be learned and expressed through sport: sharing noContinue reading “Peacebuilding through Sports”

Local Students Show Love in Action

PEARLS Rwanda is pleased to announce that a primary student club from Group Scolaire SHINGIRO chose to help alleviate some of the burdens of their local community by carrying supplies to their colleagues grandmother’s house. The family struggles to meet their needs, so the students brought them gifts of rice and beans, 3 chickens, soap,Continue reading “Local Students Show Love in Action”

Food Security and Sustainability

Did you know that in Rwanda chickens, goats, and cows cost about as much as they do in the United States except that in Rwanda, the average person earns 96% less money than the average U.S. citizen! Whoa! How do they get by? By being incredibly resilient and intelligent. Unfortunately, sometimes the children are notContinue reading “Food Security and Sustainability”